6 Tipps gegen trockene Nagelhaut

6 Tips To Avoid Dry Cuticles

Do you have problems with unsightly cuticles? At Lopalmed , we have a surprisingly simple solution. In today's blog post, we show you how to get rid of dry skin. We often have to struggle with the unsightly skin around the nail, especially in Winter. Often when using household products or disinfectants, we can lose moisture in the top layer of skin and unsightly dry patches appear. Unfortunately, some of us suffer from dry hands by nature. Today we have the best tips for you on how to get beautiful and soft hands again.

How do I know if the cuticles are dry?

If the skin around your nail is cracking or peeling, it's a sign that you need more care for your hands or feet. In the worst case scenario, a split cuticle can lead to the penetration of bacteria and thus cause inflammation.

This is how you treat your dry skin around the nail

  1. Use a moisturizing cream daily. Here we can offer you the Lopalmed build-up cream. This binds moisture in the epidermis, keeps the hands soft and supple and protects against chapped areas.
  2. Drink, drink, drink. Water intake is vital for healthy skin. Start with a glass of water as soon as you wake up. You should drink at least 2 liters of liquid, spread out over the day. Your skin looks so fresh and healthy, as a result.
  3. Remove your cuticles regularly. This means that you should regularly remove your cuticles on your hands and feet. Dead cuticles should not simply be pushed back, but removed directly. Cutting the cuticles, though, often doesn't make it get better - it only makes it get worse. It has been said that whoever cuts once, always cuts. In our Lopalmed Hand & Foot Care Box you will find the callus and cuticle remover. This has an amazing immediate effect. Simply apply, leave on for 15 minutes and you can easily remove your skin. You can do this with the gentle, rounded metal spatula. This removes your skin very gently without injuring it - so the build-up of the cuticles is not unnaturally stimulated again.
  4. Wear gloves when washing dishes or immersing hands in water for long periods of time. Water and detergent can dry out your hands. If you ever forget your gloves, then please cream your hands with the Lopalmed build-up cream. This contains urea and allantoin. Both substances protect your top layer of skin and keep it healthy.
  5. Especially now in Coronavirus times, most of us certainly know it. Hands are constantly dried out by disinfectant. Another tip from us here; cream your hands with a cream two to three times a day and the disinfectant is no longer a problem. Note: please do not overdo it with disinfection. This destroys your skin's natural protective barrier, leaving it dry and cracked.
  6. Get enough vitamins. Cracked cuticles can also be a sign of zinc or vitamin E deficiency. Eat more foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids. These include spinach or salmon. If your nails are brittle, it can be a sign of too little biotin in your body.

Now you have already learned a few tips that will help you achieve beautiful cuticles. Order the Lopalmed Hand & Foot Care Box now and start with basic care. The application of our products is super easy and our numerous customer reports confirm that with regular use you will soon get rid of unsightly cuticles.

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